If you just started your company, it can be quite overwhelming. There are so many things to do. You are juggling your available time and money. And you can’t wait for the moment your company really takes off.

You are on a clear mission

But you don’t have a clear business proposition yet. And if you do have a clear proposition, the validation with your target market seems missing, or you just don’t seem to reach your target audience. Does this sound familiar?

This is exactly the reason why the Startup Academy was launched. To help you get clarity and focus, which will lead to impact.

The Startup Academy tailors to your specific needs in different ways:

Online training

The online training covers all the steps and tools how to build your business for good.

The bonus in this training is the network of like minded startups that will help you push yourself forward and get more clarity after every step. Read more about the training.

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Personal coaching

When you are struggling with a specific problem, we can dig into this together and find a suitable way to move you forward.

The personal coaching can also be used in addition to the online training. In this way you do not only receive help from your peers, but also from a personal coach.

Day training

There are multiple day trainings all year around about different topics:

  1. Why defining your purpose is crucial for your marketing
  2. Understanding your customers
  3. Creating a solid, scalable and impactful Business model
  4. Determining a clear mission, vision and goals
  5. Storytelling and pitching